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Collection Management from Octavian

The world's best wine storage will soon offer unbeatable online access to your collection

State-of-the-art collection management is being made available exclusively to private clients who store their wine with us. You will soon be able to login to explore, track and value your Octavian stored wines.

It is a wine management platform that gives you more: Better information, easier organisation, tracking tools and more insights. You will experience total wine management with a state of the art platform that’s as easy to use on phones and tablets as it is on computers.

Organise a wine collection stored at Octavian and at home, and see a 360° view. You might even be surprised at how much wine you have and its current market value! There is a wealth of must-have information to help evaluate and appreciate your wines including scores and drinking windows.

You will also be able to view current market pricing (based on best market prices) and price history; see how the value of your collection has changed over time and gain access to instant valuations for when you’re thinking about reshaping your collection or realising some of your gains.

What it Includes

  • Standardised wine name
  • Region of production information
  • Purchase price, date and source of supply
  • Current price, net gain/loss
  • Price history charting of individual wines
  • Drinking dates
  • Average scores
  • Producer profiles where available
  • Personalised drinking dates
  • Personal tasting notes
  • View and download inspection photos
  • Download in Excel
  • Collection overview report in downloadable PDF

Octavian private clients will have the choice of premium access that includes advanced reporting and comparison tools, to help pinpoint best value wines of interest to buy as well as indicating those that you might want to sell.