Octavian Vaults, Fine Wine Storage Periodicals

A Refreshed Logo for a Brighter Future


As we continue to grow and evolve as a business, Octavian recognises that the time has come to refresh its logo and crest, bringing more clarity to our brand and product range, and establishing a solid base for the future

This year, working with Carter Wong design, Octavian will be introducing a cleaner, refreshed logo which sees the word ‘Vaults’ removed from the brand mark.

This move was instigated by the need to clarify Octavian as the voice of the company and have a clearer communication that ‘The Vaults Service’ is our product offering. We will still provide the same excellent level of service that being part of our Vaults offering delivers, but now we will communicate with you as Octavian not Octavian Vaults.

It coincides with improvements across the business and a new look which will soon be rolled out on the Octavian website.

Whilst retaining our main colourways of blue and copper, the Octavian crest has been re-crafted for a new era. The crest has been redrawn to more strongly reflect the vines and grapes that are key components in the business of wine, and the eagle and portcullis representing the strength and security of our brand.

The introduction of our refreshed logo symbolises our continuing efforts to constantly update all aspects of our business to ensure we remain the world’s pre-eminent fine wine storage provider.