June 2017

Welcome To The Vault, An Octavian Vaults PeriodicalThe Vault May 2017

Impeccable storage and a culture of care are synonymous with Octavian. We take great pride in ensuring that fine wine collections entrusted to us are laid down to mature within an environment that offers everything needed to make them finer, safer and ultimately more pleasurable.

It's no secret that where wines lie today will undoubtedly influence their future. And in the case of Octavian, provenance truly pays - as proved recently by a collector who secured borrowing facilities from a major US bank against the value of their collection. Our ability to provide both a peerless storage environment - enhancing the value of the wines - and the requisite security for the collateral, helped pave the way. Read more on page six of this issue and please contact us if you would like to explore opportunities for raising a loan against your wines.

Octavian sees insurance as a key component of its service proposition. While many fine wine storage providers are opting to reduce cover due to the difficulty of managing risk we maintain the highest insurance levels of any cellarage provider. Comprehensive cover ensures full replacement value for any wines damaged or lost during daily cellar operation; customers can also be sure of cover for each bottle to its latest declared value should stock be destroyed or damaged.

In developing added value services, we have recently secured the service of a Master of Wine to assess customer collections and assist in any disputes relating to wine authenticity. Furthermore, we have introduced branded wooden wine cases to provide not only a more aesthetic but more practical, durable and secure alternative to conventional cardboard packaging. Cardboard packaging is often recycled and degrades over time. Learn more about the 'case for wood' on page seven and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to store your collection in wooden Octavian wine cases.

Internal transactions between Octavian customers continue to rise. The process is aided by the standard of information Octavian insists upon and ease of access to it, having collated it and authenticated it ourselves. This highlights the confidence of our customers to buy and sell between themselves knowing the standard of the wine will be supported by Octavian's certificate of pristine storage.

Our bespoke collections/delivery service, from facility to client's home continues to grow further, undertaken by a professional team prepared to 'go the extra mile'. Care includes the re-packing of wine cases where necessary, expert handling or stocking a home cellar, supported by the completion of any HM Revenue and Customs bonded documentation required.

With her update on trends within the fine wine market, Ella Lister, Founder and CEO of Wine Lister - an online market evaluation tool launched last year - reports on a very promising start to 2017 with great expectation surrounding the 2016 Bordeaux en primeur releases.

And moving from Bordeaux to Champagne, Nicholas Faith explores the fascinating Anglo-French cultural exchange that has resulted in the sparkling, dry wine we enjoy today.