June 2016

Welcome To The Vault, An Octavian Vaults PeriodicalThe Vaults Periodical

The importance of fine wine storage provenance continues to resonate with those who wish to see their collection appreciate in value and those who set great store in being able to appreciate their wine in optimal condition.

On top of impeccable storage conditions - key to finer, safer, more valuable wine - Octavian is proud to ensure the very best in client care. Our services range from having the contents of your case checked carefully upon receipt to ensure the integrity of your collection - especially reassuring if your wine is heading straight from a château or wine merchant to our cellars - through to picking a bottle for a special occasion without having to remove and disturb the entire case. Bespoke, door-todoor collection and delivery services are available; our experts will re-pack cases for more protection where necessary to safeguard your precious cargo and complete any requisite HM Revenue and Customs bonded documentation on your behalf.

Clients who cannot visit very often to see their wines in person appreciate the quality of our photography, easily accessible on Octavian Online. We have recently commissioned a new photography studio with state-of-the-art equipment and lighting, enabling a larger team of professional photographers to produce crisper, higher resolution images of wine labels and ullage levels, with quicker photography turnaround times.

So popular is this service that we have seen volumes increase from 500 images to over 6,000 images per month in the space of four years. For the majority, it is the only way to review cases in their possession. And since online trade exchanges require photographic evidence, we expect image output rates to continue to rise.

Over the past year we have also seen an increase in enquiries about insurance. We welcome such scrutiny and would like to reassure you that we have one of the highest, if not the highest level of cover available, including full replacement value for wines damaged or lost during the day to day operation of our cellars. Even in the extremely unlikely event of a major catastrophe which results in all stock being destroyed, our comprehensive insurance policy will provide cover for each bottle to its latest declared value.

For those who like to keep tabs on pricing, Ella Lister, Founder and CEO of Wine Lister, reports cautious optimism and renewed focus on Bordeaux. In this issue we are also delighted to welcome award-winning guest writer, Elin McCoy, who considers how, for generations,‘the basic nature of fine wine investing has been divided between two core ideas: love and money'. And Margaret Rand rounds off with an exploration of the role of barrels as winemaking tools, taking us on a fascinating journey from forest through to tonnellerie.