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Welcome To The Vault, An Octavian Vaults Periodical

As the fine wine world progressively recognises the power of provenance, we at Octavian are busier than ever. Octavian Vaults customers are increasingly eager to know the origin and condition of wine they purchase, as well as to prove the same when selling further down the line. Not only are you telling us how useful you are finding the Certificates of Pristine Storage, but more and more of you are resorting to photographs of your liquid assets. We now have 14 dedicated photography rooms and booths across Octavian’s facilities in response to increasing demand for this service. Photography can serve as a vital proof of provenance for wines coming into your storage account, and this is the safest and most efficient time for us to take them, before they are safely stowed away, potentially for many years. Many of our customers gain peace of mind from being able to download a high resolution image of the wine they have purchased – but not actually seen themselves – both in terms of identification and condition.

We have a team of specialist photographers who will take backlit images of the bottles as well as the outside of the case itself, and then upload them on to your online account. Photography is charged at £9.78 per case and can be requested via your online account or by sending an email to the address below. For this year’s issue of The Vault we are excited to feature an article from new, cutting-edge wine magazine Noble Rot. The article, by Keith Levenberg, is about wine geekiness – a subject close to our hearts, and probably yours too. Exploring what happens when an obsessive nature meets a passion for wine, the piece is telling and at times hilarious.

If you enjoyed this novel take on wine-writing, we are pleased to be able to offer you a 10 per cent discount on a year’s subscription to the magazine and the chance to win a limited edition print. Click here

For those whose wine geekiness begins and ends with Bordeaux (which still represents more than half of the Octavian Vaults stock we look after on your behalf), we also have a fascinating article by Master of Wine Benjamin Lewin, on Bordeaux second, third and even fourth wines, designed originally to improve the quality of the grand vin, and now a common form of brand extension.

Finally, for those of you who have not already come across him, we would like to introduce your new Octavian Vaults Custodian, Paul Watts. You will find an interview with Paul towards the back of this periodical. Paul took over the role at the beginning of this year after 13 years’ experience at Octavian, and is at your disposal to ensure that your Octavian Vaults account is managed with the utmost care and efficiency. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with him using the contact details below should you have any queries whatsoever.