open a fine wine storage account

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Open a wine storage account with Octavian Vaults and one all-inclusive charge covers all the essential services you need - and soon pays for itself, when you consider your provenance premium.

The annual charge includes:

  • Storage in our perfect underground cellars
  • Enhanced insurance covering catastrophe and total loss
  • Receipt and handling of your wine
  • Online account access
  • HMRC duty-suspended goods administration
  • In-bond transfers
  • Case picking in the cellars
  • Biannual independent valuation of your stock by Liv-ex
  • Certificate of Pristine Storage issued on dispatch of every case
  • Your copy of our annual periodical, The Vault

open a fine wine storage account

Our Annual Storage Charge

Currently, our minimum ‘all inclusive’ storage charge for one to five cases is just £100 per year. For accounts with more than five cases please see our per case storage charge below.

Number of casesCharge per Case per Year
100 plus cases £17.31
31 to 99 cases £18.74
1 to 30 cases £19.80

Annual rate based on one to 12 bottles of one product line packed together. No credit is applicable for stock removed during the invoice year. All prices exclude VAT.

We also offer a full range of bespoke additional services such as photography.
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