How to Order Wine Online

Buying truly fine wine is easier said than done. As you will already know only too well if you are an experienced aficionado, it is far more than just finding a reputable grape or vineyard and buying big. This may be fine if you’re looking for a few bottles to quaff over dinner with your friends, but as an investor, sommelier or wine critic; there is of course far more to it than that.

If you are looking to order wine online, there are many pitfalls you could fall foul of and this is if you are even looking in the right place.


Choosing a Reputable Vendor

The advent of the internet has been a wonderful thing. Being able to jump online and order goods only to receive them the very next day has changed many of our lives, but it doesn’t come without its perils. Although images and reviews can help us to determine if a website is indeed as good as it says it is, this isn’t a guarantee and we do hear of horror stories whereby fake wine has arrived at someone’s door. We would therefore recommend sticking to only reputable online wine vendors, the most notable of which being:


Join an Online Wine Society

Perhaps the biggest reason for individuals not buying wine online is of course the fact that you can’t smell, touch or see the product you are buying. Coupled with the fact that you usually need to buy a case at a time instead of a bottle, this present an issue and stops some of the more traditional fine wine experts from taking a leap and ordering from an online vendor.

This solution to this is joining an online wine community, of which one our recommendations The Wine Society is one. This allows experts to share views and news and the wheat is quite quickly separated from the chaff. For a yearly subscription you can join these online wine societies and as well as ensuring you are only purchasing wines of the highest calibre, you can feel part of a great community too. This isn’t for everyone, but a very valid, tried and tested way of buying wine online.

Stay Abreast of Industry News

Although the sites mentioned above are some of the best you will find online and joining a society is very valid, another great way to make sure you only ever buy the best wines is to keep your knowledge of the industry tip top. One of the best ways to do that is to keep coming back to the Octavian Journal, where we will be bringing you excellent resources like this one every single week. As well as offering some of the best conditions you will find on the planet in terms of wine cellarage, our wine experts have been writing about all manner of fine wine topics for years.

So, whether you are a novice looking to learn about the industry or an expert who wants to keep on top of things at the tap of a button, you are in the right place. Read on to find out more about the important next step once you have made a commitment and bought your wine online.

Wine Storage After Ordering Wine Online

Of course, once you are comfortable you can order wine like a professional, this is just half the battle. At Octavian, we are sticklers when it comes to wine cellarage as approaching this in the wrong way is guaranteed to end in disaster. Boiled Bordeaux in the summer and frozen Fumé in the winter is no fun at all and aside from the obvious financial implications, no-one wants to see fine wine go to waste.

We have helped with this very conundrum for over three decades now and our Corsham Cellars truly are the best facilities you will find for conditioning your investment. Your wine is precious and nobody knows that better than the Octavian team, if there’s one thing we hate it’s to see the world’s best wines falling short of their vast potential.

We’ve set the global standard for storage, so when you order your wine online, be sure to take extraordinary care for it and house it in our facilities, set in a former stone mill beneath the Wiltshire hills. You shouldn’t be seeing this as an added extra or luxury, but an essential aspect of the fine wine process. Nurturing your wine in this way is vital and perhaps the reason why investors across the globe pay more for Octavian stored wine.

You can find out more about our stunning facilities and the advantages they provide by clicking here.