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For Wine Merchant Tuggy Meyer, the loss of £200,000 worth of his wine from his professional storage provider earlier this year is not a myth within the fine wine industry and worryingly, nor is the theft an isolated incident. more
For more than three decades, the team here at Octavian has helped fine wine connoisseurs from across the UK deepen the value and pleasure they get from their beloved wine collections. Not content with just providing this exemplary service via our cutting edge Corsham Cellars, we have also built up a stellar reputation for bringing readers all manner of wine news, features and insight. more
As the demand for sustainable and high quality produce increases seemingly by the day, you may be surprised to learn that this is also the case when it comes to fine wines. Wine has been produced for several millennium now and the methods by which it is made have inevitably changed quite a bit in that time. more
Asia and fine wine are not things you would necessarily expect to be synonymous. Thankfully, due to advances in viticultural techniques and an increasing demand for excellent wines in the region, Asian wine is most definitely on an upward curve. more
English sparkling wine has experience something of a revolution in recent times. If you had uttered the words “English Wine” not so long ago, you would have been laughed off the vineyard, especially on the continent, but things are a little bit different these days. more
How To Promote Your New Wine Brand If you have recently made the very worthwhile foray into the wine production business, then you may well be keen to learn the best way to promote your brand. These days, just having the best product isn’t enough and a lack of research on the best way to sell your line both online and off, could lead to failure. more
Buying truly fine wine is easier said than done. As you will already know only too well if you are an experienced aficionado, it is far more than just finding a reputable grape or vineyard and buying big. This may be fine if you’re looking for a few bottles to quaff over dinner with your friends, but as an investor, sommelier or wine critic; there is of course far more to it than that. more
There can be little doubt about it, Europe produces the world’s finest wines. Although the new world regions are getting better all the time, wines from the classic regions of Europe quite simply set the standard and many of the methods used across South America, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand will have emanated from the northern hemisphere. more
As any seasoned aficionado will tell you, fine wine is reassuringly expensive. From the grapes to the soil and of course the expertise required to make a truly great wine, you simply can’t acquire these things without large amounts of money and even then, this isn’t guaranteed to get you a truly good vine product. more
There can be no doubt about it, Instagram is now the social media platform of choice for anyone looking to learn more about their favourite hobbies and pastimes. Although the likes of Facebook and Twitter are still widely used, you simply can’t beat “Insta” when looking to share your memories due to its visually appealing nature and the platform’s ever changing features. more
As most fine wine aficionados will know, it can take several years for experts to establish the best vintages and often, experts across the world are divided on the most impressive wine releases. more
We have been to many wine festivals over the years here at Octavian Vaults and there are superb events all across the globe. This has led us to create this latest feature here at our blog; just part of our commitment to bringing wine lovers all the information they need about every aspect of their favourite drink more
The wine harvest here in the UK, the vendange in France and the vendemmia in Italy – the process may differ when it comes to terminology but the art of harvesting grapes for wine is one that has taken place for millennia. more
Rosé wine is one of the world’s most popular wines and actually one of the oldest, something many people are unaware of. Despite this, there are some myths and misconceptions about rosé that we hear quite a lot at Octavian Vaults. more
You may not necessarily associate Japan or other areas of Asia with fine wine, but as we investigate in the latest feature here at the Octavian Vaults blog, Koshu could well emerge as one of the standout grapes to look out for in the future. more
As our regular readers will tell you, we are nearly as committed to educating our readers about all things wine as we are cellarage and fi=ne wine storage. We have covered the best wine websites and podcasts in the past but today we have decided to take a look at our favourite wine books of 2018. more
Professional wine storage is obviously something we take very seriously at Octavian Vaults, but not everyone realises the vast potential of keeping your fine wines in optimum conditions. When asking those who are new to the world of fine wine, they often believe that is just a case of space and that storing their wines externally is simply a case of logistics; they could not be more wrong. more
Whilst we don’t want to jinx it for everyone, it seems we are being blessed with a summer this year. With a couple of heatwaves already under our belts in the UK and the promise of more great weather ahead, we can actually prepare ourselves for the great conditions. more
Wine pairing can be tricky old affair, especially when it comes to rosé due to the fact that it is of course a hybrid of red and white grapes. You may be surprised to learn however, that this actually makes it quite easy to match with some fantastic dishes. more
There are several factors that affect wine quality, one of which is the quality of the soil the vine is grown in. Find out more about this topic by clicking here. more
Wine lovers can sometimes be tricky to buy gifts for, especially if you aren’t really an expert on fine wines yourself. Buy something too expensive and find out is wrong and you have wasted a lot of money, or go the other end of the scale and you could well end up giving them something that just isn’t good enough. more
If you are a regular reader here at Octavian Vaults, then the chances are that you enjoy combining great wine with your holidays. Indeed, the two complement each other perfectly causing many wine investors and enthusiasts alike to combine their two favourite things by travelling the world’s finest vineyards. more
Being handed the wine list at a restaurant can be a daunting prospect, even for the most seasoned of fine wine experts. Even if you think you have a pretty good grasp of the world’s more sophisticated wines, being expected to pick something absolutely top drawer and to everyone’s taste can be a lot easier said than done. more
Although podcasts have been around for years, since the advent of the iPod and other Apple devices in fact, it is only in recent times that they have found such intense popularity. A number of factors have impacted this from the quality of podcast available to increasing data allowances and the number of devices that cater for them, but the result is that the user has a great wealth of information available to them these days. more
If you have made the exciting decision to monetise your wine collection by building a complete portfolio, the latest blog here at Octavian Vaults will definitely be of interest. We have covered certain aspects of wine investment in the past and these articles have always been well received, but in today’s feature we look to provide you with 5 great tips for building your fine wine portfolio like a professional. more
There are few things in the world more satisfying than buying a bottle of fine wine, and having it served to you by a true professional. Not only is this indicative of quality, but when you’re paying considerable sums for some of the best wines in the world, the pour is ever so important. more
Wine tasting at home is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to hiring out venues and wine shops, as the range of fine wines one can have delivered to their home becomes more and more expansive by the year. more
Now that spring has finally decided to show its face in the here in the UK, we have seen fit to take a look at some of the very best white wines you should be considering this year. more
Easter is nearly upon us once again and with it a whole new set of wine pairing conundrums. It seems that no sooner has the dust settled on a busy Christmas and New Year period, that we are again organising our Easter festivities for 2018 and deciding on our menus, wine lists and most importantly; just how we are going to pair these for our guests. more
To a novice, the colour of wine can seem like quite an elementary affair. Red, rose and white; right? The fact of the matter is that wine colour is a lot more intricate than that and getting to know the nuances of wine colour meaning can be the difference between being knowledgeable about wine or an aficionado. more
If you speak to someone who has had a recent trip to a vineyard, you probably conjure images of an idyllic French chateau or perhaps sojourn to Tuscany, and rightly so. However, the last few decades has seen good old Blighty build up a fantastic reputation for our wines and also the quality of our vineyards. more
London is of course of the cultural capitals of the world, if not the absolute epicentre when it comes to food, drink and heritage. As such, there is a vast range of wine bars in the city to choose from which can make finding the very best, quite an arduous challenge. more
Like many aspects of South Africa's history, the region's legacy in terms of its wine making doesn't really start until the mid-nineties and the end of the apartheid era. And, although this makes the area quite fascinating and clearly a New World wine nation, it can make sourcing the best South Africa has to offer quite an arduous task. more
We talk a lot here at Octavian Vaults about the very finest wines from around the world and just how you can invest in these and of course store them in facilities such as ours. But sometimes, we neglect to discuss the one thing that goes with wine better than anything in the world (excluding great conversation, of course), food. more
If you are new to the world of fine wine but are enjoying learning all about its nuances, then one of the biggest aspects to this has been the wine lingo you hear many people speaking in. more
Decanting wine seems to have become trendy again. Whether you are in a fancy new restaurant or the latest hipster hangout, decanters certainly seem to be on the rise despite many establishments not knowing how and when they should be used. more
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may well be thinking of ways to impress your other half with some sumptuous fine wine. more
The story of where wine originates from is a fascinating one and a debate that has raged on for many millennia, still without a clear and conclusive answer. To be honest, the version of events will differ greatly depending on where in the world you are from as the beverage of wine appears in stories from thousands of years ago and in many different forms. more
British wine and in particular, English wine, has been absolutely booming in recent years. Although a way off our French and Italian cousins, there are new vineyards popping up all over Britain these days; in fact, HMRC applications are up more than 40% just in the last year. more
If you have drunk a fine wine of late, the chances are that is has been aged in an oak barrel. more
January may be a quiet month for many when it comes to alcohol, but for those who are on the hunt for fine wine at this time of year, Octavian Vaults has produced this guide to wine events in January 2018. more
With party hosts, bar and restaurant managers and event planners around the UK currently organising their 2018 New Year’s Eve parties, a beg decision for all involved will be what they should serve throughout the evening. more
The festive season is upon us and all around the world, wine lovers will be enjoying mulled wine and Glühwein. Click here to read Octavian Vaults guide to this great drink and the difference between the two main types! more
There is surely no day of the year more suitable for enjoying some of the finest wines money can buy, than Christmas Day. more
With Christmas time well and truly upon us, you may well be thinking of alternative attractions to spend your time with friends and family this December. more
Time for something a bit festive here at the Octavian Vaults news centre. If you have been visiting the site late you will have noticed that we have been covering everything a wine investor needs from market analysis to how to store your investments, but with December just around the corner we just had to bring you our advice on making the perfect mulled. more
The wine industry has a fascinating array of magazines available for novices and experts to enjoy. Click here to read a guide to five of the best from Octavian Vaults. more
If you have been visiting the Octavian Vaults site for a while, then you will no doubt have been enjoying our great wine features on everything from the best way to invest, to storage advice. more
he Octavian Vaults blog was created to give both discerning fine wine experts and novices, all the information they need about the world of wine. more
Wine as an investment as sky rocketed in recent years, leading many to consider the world’s favourite drink as the perfect way to make substantial amounts of money. more
If you have recently made the foray into the world of fine wine, the chances are that you are starting to familiarise yourself with wine tasting and the detailed notes that often come as part and parcel of the process more
Today, we have decided to go in a somewhat different direction, following some feedback we have received from a number of our valued customers; that of the best wine producing destinations from across the globe. more
Not all wines are made to age. That may sound odd given the undisputed value of wine cellarage and optimal conditions, but the modern trends of making wine on mass to be opened immediately has meant that your average bottle of Blossom Hill or Jacob’s Creek is likely to lose all of its colour and taste rather foul if it is left for years in a dark room more
In the latest addition to our advice section here at Octavian Vaults, we take a look at wine PH levels and why they are so important. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of wine or have been collecting more
With any talk of an Indian Summer all but over, the time has come to accept Autumn is here and prepare accordingly. Click here to read Octavian Vaults’ 5 best red wines for Autumn more
If you have recently started investing in fine wine, then the chances are that you have found it to be a bit of a minefield. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just being a fan of, or perhaps very knowledgeable about their favourite wines more
any people make this mistake of thinking that in order to experience fine wine tasting, they need to jet off to a luxurious location such as the south of France or Italy more
There can be little doubt about it, choosing the best wines for your wedding can make or break the catering aspect of your big day. If you are somewhat of a fine wine aficionado then this will not prove too difficult but for mere mortals more
Now summer is drawing to a close, you may well be thinking of a last-minute trip away and a wine festival might just be the perfect summer event to celebrate the end of August more
If you have been a regular visitor here at the Octavian Vaults site of late, then you will no doubt have enjoyed our fine wine features and articles regarding everything from wine cellarage to the best wine prices and rates sites more
If you are new to the fine wine industry or perhaps you are investing in this great product for the first time, you may not be aware of the fairly stringent rules that surround it. You should be forgiven for this oversight as it is of course a niche product and one which usually requires years of tutelage and experience more
As one of the UK’s top wine storage companies, the team here at Octavian Vaults have been bringing you all manner of advisory pieces and guides as we look to dispel some myths and bring you the lowdown of an industry that is becoming more more
Welcome back to the Octavian Vaults blog. This week we address the differences between cheap, mass produced wine and high quality vintages. We ensure our wines are kept in optimal conditions, but what happens before they reach us? more
You will often hear us talk about our wine cellarage services here at Octavian Vaults, so we decided to show you our premium storage facility, and give you a quick tour of our Corsham Cellars more
Vintage and fine wines are quickly coming to the fore as collectors benefit from what has become one of the best performing asset classes of the last 20 years. So nowadays it’s not just fine wine enthusiasts who collect expensive wines, but also prudent investors who see them as fantastic money-making opportunities. more
As part of our continued commitment to bringing you all you need to know about the world’s finest wines, we thought it only right that we profiled perhaps the most iconic figure in the entire industry. more
In June’s final instalment here at the Octavian Vaults blog, we take a look at a subject that is never far from the news – that of buying wine “en primeur”. Translated from French as “wine futures”, this is the process of buying fine wines whilst they are still ageing in the barrel, then waiting until they mature into an exquisite product before delivering. more
If you have been reading the Octavian Vaults blog recently, you will have seen that we have really upped our game in terms of bringing you all the latest news and resources you need regarding wine cellarage, investment and of course, bonded wines. more
Due to our passion for bonded wines and cellarage, you will often hear us talking about wine duty and storage here on the Octavian Vaults site, but many customers who are new to the scene may find all of this terminology somewhat confusing. As such, our wine experts have put this handy guide together, explaining just what qualifies as a bonded warehouse and how this differs from your average space. more
If you are looking to succeed in wine investment or looking to buy the product in bulk, then finding the best deals can be tricky. Find out where to buy and value wine online here. more
Thinking of investing in wine? Read the latest guide with crucial advice from Octavian Vaults. more
Are you looking to learn more about bonded wine and wine cellarage in general? If so, read the latest article from Octavian Vaults. more
Wine investment scams can occur occasionally and can result in the loss of great sums of money. Read the Octavian Vaults guide to avoiding these mishaps! more
Octavian is running a seminar entitled How to Start a Fine Wine Collection at Hedonism Wines on Tuesday 3rd June more
Longstanding Octavian client Armit Wines has renewed its long term contract with Octavian and is relocating its stock to the brand new Colerne Reserve - more
UK wine merchant Bordeaux Index moves its entire stockholding to Octavian's new Colerne Reserve - more
A presentation from the International Wine Fair in Hong Kong by Ella Lister, Fine Wine Strategy, Octavian. Download the presentation in pdf. - more
For the first time Octavian will join the 800 other exhibitors at the fair, where Founder and Chairman, Nigel Jagger, will be greeting both trade and private individuals at stand 3D-B25 in the Wine Investment area The Wine Investment Forum on Saturday 5th November promises to address the now critical issue of wine storage provenance and its role in investment, and will include a presentation by Ella Lister, Octavian’s fine wine strategy consultant - more
The aim of the Octavian Vaults Library Collection was to highlight readily available wines at 5 and 10 years old, with particular attention to their cellaring potential. Wines were blind-tasted by experts including Tim Atkin MW, Sam Harrop MW, Charles Metcalfe and Derek Smedley MW, and scored out of 100. - more
2009 has been hailed as an extraordinary vintage throughout France, reflected in Burgundy prices that increased 20% on last year at the 149th Hospices de Beaune auction. But following the economic downturn last year, does a good vintage still translate into a good investment? - more
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