Where do you store your wine?

Creating a fine wine is painfully difficult and requires specialist skill, dedication and care. Ruining it in poor storage is painfully easy. At Corsham Cellars, we are dedicated to ensuring that wine is stored in nothing but the finest conditions.

Humiditytemperatureair qualitylight and vibration are the key elements that must be tightly controlled to ensure that your wine matures at its natural rate. Get these wrong or allow them to fluctuate, and your wine will suffer, losing both its taste and its value.

It would be virtually impossible for you to recreate the optimum long-term storage conditions at home. Not only is the average ambient UK humidity too low and the temperature too variable, but it would be very difficult to guarantee that the environment around your wine would not fluctuate. Your home also contains potential contaminants that can enter the bottle and taint your wine. For example, you should never store your wine near fruit, vegetables, cheese or anything else that is capable of fermenting or, indeed, near anything that is highly noxious.


Even storing your wine in a typical warehouse directly, or through your wine merchant, comes with certain risks that need to be considered, because it could affect the value of your wine. Consistency is one of the most important factors to consider. Fluctuation in temperature or humidity, for even a short period of time, can have an effect on the maturation process, harming your wine. Over ground facilities are subjected to vibrations due to local traffic, lorries and the heavy machinery they use in their day-to-day running of their operations. Due to a shortage of space, many warehouses stack their cases on racking and, the higher up your wine goes, the more likely it is to be affected by vibration. Humidity is very difficult and costly to master and, when environmental controls fail, such facilities will quickly revert to UK ambient conditions, which are not conducive to the natural maturation of your wine.

Octavian's Corsham Cellars is located 100 feet below the hills of Wiltshire, encased in solid Bath stone. Its location gives our cellars a naturally balanced environment for the storage of fine wine - here, perfect temperature is a constant, and humidity is controlled at the optimum level. It is also a facility where natural light is totally eliminated, where vibration is non-existent and fresh air quality is maintained at all times.

To find out more about the world's finest underground storage facility for fine wine, please contact Corsham Cellars' dedicated care team. 

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