Security and Integrity

No one should store fine wine without considering its safety. In a market where insolvency and fraud is not uncommon, you need to look into every detail of your chosen storage facility and its environment, to ensure that your wine is absolutely safe.

A key element to make sure of is the physical security of your wine, and of the storage where it lies. Like any other high-value investment, fine wine needs to be stored under tight security, where it can be completely safe from tampering or theft. Another very important element is the financial security of your wine. If you have chosen professional storage, it is imperative that the facility is financially secure, with unquestioned integrity. There have been examples of bonded storage facilities going into liquidation, with their clients' claims considered only after HM Revenue & Customs, and other creditors, have recovered their losses.

Your precious investment should be properly insured, and you need to go through your insurance policy with extra care, so that you understand exactly what is covered. Typically, household policies do not cover fine wines.


If your wine is in commercial storage, their 'all risks' insurance may not deliver what it suggests. You may be covered for an incident involving a number of cases of wine, but you need to question whether the policy provides sufficient cover in the event of a disaster, which could result in total loss of all wines stored in the facility.

For example, customers of a storage facility in California suffered huge losses when the warehouse's entire stock was destroyed by fire. For this reason, you may need to consider an extra policy to make up for any shortfalls.

You need to make sure that your fine wine is treated like any other investment whose value demands high levels of security.

Octavian Vaults is supported by the financial strength of Octavian, and that helps us to provide you with enhanced insurance that covers the full replacement value for any wine damaged or lost during the day-to-day operation of our cellars. Even in the extremely unlikely event of a major catastrophe, which results in all stock being destroyed, our insurance policy will provide cover for every single bottle to its latest declared value. You need no supplementary insurance, because Octavian Vaults' bespoke insurance cover will carry your name and stock details.

We also provide assistance with annual valuation of stock, which will automatically be passed on to our insurers and updated on to the policy. This is an invaluable element of the Octavian Vaults service.

Our unique facility gives us the kind of security that is hard to match, a 'Fort Knox' for wine. The natural security elements are further reinforced with manned security cover 24 hours a day. The entire site is constantly monitored by infrared beams, movement detectors and security cameras. Just as all of these measures protect your wine from the world outside, our highly skilled staff make sure that it is completely safe and untouched inside. Your wine is looked after by people who have integrity and decades of specialist expertise.

Octavian Vaults provides you with all the security that an investment needs, and that includes financial security. You benefit from the substantial financial strength of Octavian, and that's a distinction that matters when laying down your wine for 10 years, or more.