Security & Integrity

With the Octavian Vaults service, your wine gets not only a perfectly balanced environment, but also superior security, a 'Fort Knox' for wine. The natural security elements are further reinforced with manned security cover 24 hours a day.

The entire site is constantly monitored by infrared beams, movement detectors and security cameras. Just as all of these measures protect your wine from the world outside, our highly skilled members of staff make sure that it is completely safe and protected inside. Your wine is looked after by people who have integrity and decades of specialist expertise.


Octavian Vaults provides you with all the security that an investment in fine wine needs - including financial security. You benefit from the substantial financial strength of Octavian, and that's a distinction that matters when compared to other storage providers.

Our financial strength also helps us to provide you with enhanced insurance that covers the full replacement value for any wine lost or damaged during the day-to-day operation of our cellars. Even in the extremely unlikely event of a major catastrophe that results in all stock being destroyed, our policy covers every single bottle of wine in our care to latest declared values. You need no supplementary insurance, because Octavian Vaults' bespoke insurance will carry your name and stock details. We also provide assistance with annual valuation of stock, which will be notified to our insurers and updated on to the policy, ensuring correct cover is always maintained. This is an invaluable element of the Octavian Vaults service.

It is the unique combination of all these essential elements that make Octavian Vaults' Corsham Cellars a peerless storage facility for fine wine.

You can be sure that there will be no finer wine than the wine stored with Octavian Vaults.

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