Robust Processes

Our expert team at Corsham Cellars will ensure that your wine is received and treated with the utmost care at every stage in the process.

As any wine expert will emphasise, a proper cellar is where a fine wine really comes into its own. Its delicate structure demands a perfectly balanced environment in order to mature to perfection, and the smallest of details must be monitored and controlled. Wines stored at Corsham Cellars are not only stored in the optimum conditions, 100 feet below the hills of Wiltshire, but are also subjected to a rigorous set of processes. These exacting standards are in place to ensure that we receive your wine correctly, log its details on to our Warehouse Management System and apply a label to each case with your name and a barcode before your wine is laid down in our cellars.


When your wine arrives at Corsham Cellars, much care is taken in confirming its details. The name, vintage, case type and case size are all checked and, once confirmed, these details are loaded on to our Stock Management System and given a rotation label. These details, along with case quantities, will be sent to you on our Confirmation of Receipt of Stock document. You will also be able to view details of your collection on Octavian Online.

A rotation label is applied to each case and carries the owner's account number and name. It also details the bottle or case to which it is affixed (wine name, grower - if applicable, vintage, case type and case size). Each label also has a unique rotation number, used for HM Revenue & Customs purposes, along with a unique barcode that is checked whenever your wine is moved.

Each case is allocated a space within the cellars when it is laid down. Before the wine is put away, it is double checked, to ensure your wine is being placed in the correct location. This information is then stored on our Stock Management System, so that your wine can be quickly found when it is needed.

When your wine is required, our experienced cellar staff ensure that the correct bottle or case is picked, using our Stock Management System. We will only ever transfer or deliver your wine following written or electronic instruction from you.

Octavian's Bonded Warehousing service enables our clients to defer payment of Duty and VAT on their wine whilst it is in our care.


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