Optimum Wine Storage Conditions

The storage of a fine wine is the deciding stage of its journey. Wine storage is as much a science as winemaking. We know, because it's a science we have perfected over many years.

Welcome to the world of Octavian Vaults, a wine storage service like no other, brought to you by Octavian. We give you the world's best wine storage facility, Corsham Cellars, lying 100 feet below the hills of Wiltshire. You could not find a more perfect environment for the optimum maturation of fine wine.

Thanks to the depth of its location, Corsham Cellars enjoys a naturally high level of humidity, essential for the health of your wine. To ensure that your bottles' packaging and labelling remain in good condition, we use sophisticated dehumidifiers to maintain the humidity between 75 and 80%.


Closely linked to humidity is temperature, which needs to be kept constant. Our underground cellars are gifted with a naturally stable temperature and perfect insulation. This helps us to maintain a steady 13 to 14 degrees Celsius, which is optimal for your wine. At Corsham Cellars, wine is never subjected to ambient fluctuations.

At 100 feet underground, our cellars are naturally devoid of sunlight, which ages wine prematurely. Our vast complex also ensures that wine is stored no greater than three pallets high. This means that we need only light lifting equipment, thus cutting down more vibration. Moreover, since our cellars are encased in solid Bath stone, with floors that are 20 feet thick, vibration from outside is non-existent.

To avoid stale air, Corsham Cellars has a remarkable ventilation system; 9-foot propellers drive air into every corner of the facility through miles of ducting. This ensures that the air in our cellars is always circulated and refreshed.

This obsession, to create nothing but the finest storage for your wine, has made us look into every little detail.

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