There is no better place to lay down your fine wine than Corsham Cellars. When we first came across the vast underground complex, spread out deep beneath the hills of Wiltshire, we knew we had found the perfect place to store the world's finest wines.

The facility was procured solely for this purpose. With continuous investment in the technology that maintains the optimum storage environment, the security that protects it and the personnel dedicated to the care of fine wine, Corsham Cellars has built a world class reputation for fine wine storage.

Corsham Cellars has a history that is as interesting as the fine wines it now stores. It was first quarried in 1868, and mined until 1934. Bath stone extracted from the site has contributed to some wonderful pieces of architecture throughout the Commonwealth - from churches to libraries, theatres to hotels.


In 1934, the Corsham site was taken over by the Ministry of Defence and used as a munitions storage facility. It was purpose built for this role and provided them with impregnable security - it is extremely resilient and completely bomb proof. Located so deep under the ground, and encased in solid Bath stone, nothing could have given the fragile and sensitive contents better protection.

These very qualities now make this place ideal for Octavian Vaults. Corsham Cellars gives us a naturally balanced environment for the storage of fine wine - here, perfect temperature is a constant, and humidity is controlled at the optimum level. It is also a facility where natural light is totally eliminated, where vibration is non-existent and fresh air quality is maintained at all times. Finally, its very nature and heritage affords Corsham Cellars with unsurpassed security, keeping your priceless wines completely safe.

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