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Corsham Cellars

Welcome to Corsham Cellars, home to many of the world's finest wines, wines that have been entrusted into our care.

Our cellars are located 100 feet beneath the hills of Wiltshire, encased in solid Bath stone. This gives us a naturally balanced environment ideal for the cellarage of fine wine. Here, perfect temperature is a constant, and humidity is controlled at the optimum level. There is no natural light, vibration is non-existent and fresh air quality is maintained at all times.

At Corsham Cellars, we understand that only the best is good enough for your wines, so we constantly monitor and control the smallest of detail and have invested heavily in the fabric of the cellars and the technologies we use. Nothing is left to chance.


Our obsession, to create nothing but the finest storage for your wine, has led us to develop and launch the Octavian Vaults service.

Read on to find out why Corsham Cellars is the ideal place to lay down your wine:

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