Cellarage Services – Octavian Vaults

The Octavian Vaults Service

If you choose to receive the Octavian Vaults service, directly from Octavian, you can enjoy these benefits:

A dedicated care team

With Octavian Vaults, you can rest assured that your fine wine will be in the hands of a team of experts who are as passionate about it as you are and always happy to help. Our dedicated care team will be there to answer all your queries, assist you in managing your wine collection, provide you with updates and help you in any way they can.

Comprehensive insurance

Octavian Vaults is supported by the substantial financial strength of Octavian, helping us to provide you with enhanced insurance that not only carries your name and stock details but also covers the full replacement value for any wine damaged or lost during the day-to-day operation of our cellars. Even in the extremely unlikely event of a major catastrophe, which results in all stock being destroyed, our insurance policy will provide cover for every single bottle to its latest declared value. We also provide assistance with annual valuation of stock, which will automatically be passed on to our insurers and updated on to the policy. This is an invaluable element of the Octavian Vaults service.

A convenient, all-inclusive charge

We have combined elements of our previous charging structure into one charge, to make the use of the Octavian Vaults service as easy and convenient as possible. This covers receiving and handling your fine wine, rental, in-bond transfer, order administration charge, picking of the case and a Certificate of Pristine Storage for every case or bottle leaving Corsham Cellars.

Help to sell your wine

If you want to sell any of your wines, we will contact a number of wine merchants who recognise the value of storing at Corsham Cellars and with whom we have established long-term relationships, inviting offers for your fine wine. We will then confirm with you the highest offer we receive.

We do not charge a commission for this service. Our aim is to help you realise the full potential of your wine investment.

Managing your collection online

Octavian Online is a bespoke Internet portal where Octavian Vaults customers can access a user-friendly, real-time stock list, which can be sorted and downloaded in various formats. From this stock list customers can request stock photographs, and can select stock to order. The online ordering system allows deliveries, transfers and collections to be placed and paid for (where necessary) in a manner of minutes. This convenient secure system can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and is linked directly to our warehouse management system.

A visit to our cellars

Octavian Vaults clients are welcome to visit their wines at Corsham Cellars, by prior arrangement. Our team of experts would be delighted to give you a tour of our facility and answer any questions you might have. Call us to schedule your visit, and one of our dedicated team will be able to provide you with all the information you need, from hotels to transportation.

The Certificate of Pristine Storage

Today's wine buyers and auctioneers know that properly cellared wine commands a premium. Over time, buyers will not just ask for fine wine, but tangible proof of properly stored fine wine. Octavian Vaults' unique certificate officially authenticates that your wine has been laid down in correct conditions whilst in our care. There is nothing to stop your wine from reaching its full potential if it has come to Corsham Cellars directly from its château or from a respected wine merchant. The certificate is protected from fraud by security features including a bespoke hologram, a numismatic security design, watermarked paper and audit numbering. A certificate is allocated to every case or bottle leaving our cellars, and will be presented as proof of the care that has been bestowed upon your wine.

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