More Services On Offer

The following services are available to Octavian Vaults clients at an additional cost:

Picking a bottle for a special occasion

Choose to have one of your wines from Corsham Cellars hand-picked and delivered to you, at your convenience, without having to remove the entire case. So, even when you take out one bottle from a case, you can continue to store the rest in our cellars undisturbed for optimum maturation.

Checking the contents of your case

To ensure the integrity of your collection, we provide a content checking service. When your case reaches Corsham Cellars, each one will be opened and its contents carefully checked to ensure they match the description and quantity listed. This is especially reassuring if your wine is heading straight from a château or wine merchant to our cellars and you were not present to check the contents during your purchase.

Photographic record of your wine

You may not be able to see your wines often, but you can certainly keep watch over them. You can choose to receive a photograph of your wine when it first arrives at Corsham Cellars. We will provide you with a high-resolution image, where the quality of the label and the level of ullage will be clearly visible. Digital photographs can be requested and accessed on Octavian Online. Moreover, when selling your wine, up-to-date images can be of great help for potential buyers. A standard image will show each case's contents displayed across two backlit shelves, along with the case end showing the rotation label.

Re-packing your cases for increased protection

Should your precious stock reach our cellars in damaged cases, this service will make sure they are re-packed in robust cartons that are suitable for long-term storage and sturdy enough for onward delivery.

This is also a useful service if your wines have been packed in mixed cases and you wish for them to be sorted and re-packed before they go into storage.

Cases for packing your wines at home

At Corsham Cellars, only robust cardboard cases are used to re-pack your wine. These cases can be sent to your address if you wish to pack your wines before they are collected.

Export documentation handling

When exporting your wine, you need to provide the correct HM Revenue & Customs bonded documentation. To ease the process for you, our team at Corsham Cellars can complete all necessary documentation on your behalf.

Wine delivered to your chosen destination

We can deliver your wine whenever, and wherever, you need across the UK. All you have to do is send us a written instruction or a delivery request from yourOctavian Online account.

We provide next-day deliveries for addresses within the M25, and to other UK addresses within 3 to 5 days. The team at Corsham Cellars are on hand to do all they can to get your wine to you for any extra special requests.

Wine collected for storage in Corsham Cellars

We can collect your wine from anywhere in the UK, at a time suitable for you. Once you have called our care team, we will coordinate the entire collection process - whether it is to have your wines transferred to Corsham Cellars from another storage facility or to have them collected from your home. A dedicated person from the Octavian Vaults care team will personally help to manage your collection and will keep in touch regularly to ensure a smooth transfer.

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