About Us

Octavian Vaults is the finest wine cellarage service you will find, and is brought to you by Octavian. Octavian has been delivering fine wine storage excellence for more than 20 years. Our expertise is trusted by the leading wine merchants, wine funds, and restaurants, as well as by 10,000 collectors worldwide. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers, and offer them tailor-made services. We have built an impeccable reputation by caring for our customers' assets as if they were our own - it is a reputation we are proud to have achieved.

It is this commitment that drove us to develop the world's leading fine wine storage facility. Winemakers to wine lovers, investors to auctioneers - they all know that a wine cared for at Octavian's Corsham Cellars is without equal.

The Octavian Vaults service is delivered by our expert team at Corsham Cellars - a very special place, lying 100 feet below the hills of Wiltshire. Encased in solid Bath stone, it is an ideal facility for the cellaring of fine wine.

As any wine expert will tell you, a proper wine cellar is where a fine wine really comes into its own. Its delicate structure needs a perfectly balanced storage environment in order to mature to its full potential. Even the most precious wine can lose its taste and value if kept in a storage facility that does not carefully monitor and control the smallest of details.

Our attention to detail has rewarded us with an unrivalled reputation and considerable success. The next 20 years will be built on ongoing investment in our storage facilities and continued commitment to our customers.

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