Octavian Vaults, Fine Wine Storage Periodicals

The Case For Wood

In keeping with its culture of impeccable care, Octavian has recently upgraded its wine packaging from cardboard boxes to branded wooden wine crates

It is a move designed to offer collectors peace of mind that their delicate collections are appropriately contained in sturdier, more durable and secure casing.

"Over time, even the sturdiest of paper-based packaging loses its rigidity and begins to perish. Moreover, cardboard is manufactured in four percent humidity and the optimum humidity for fine wine storage lies between 70 and 80 percent. So it's not hard to see why cardboard degrades within this  environment. Wooden crates befit valuable collections and we are proud to offer them now as part of our premium service," explains Andrew Wadsworth, Octavian Vaults Custodian.


"Within the very active secondary market, the sheer practicality of robust wooden wine crates comes to the fore," Andrew continues. “As portfolios are liquidated and collections sold on for whatever reason, wines are frequently unpacked, checked and re-packed before transportation. Branded wooden cases provide packaging that is not only safer and more secure, but aesthetically conveys the value of each crate’s contents."

Beyond aesthetics, branded wooden cases will also provide reassurance of where the wine has been stored. "Our branded packaging provides an extra tier in proof of provenance. In a day and age where wine fraud steals so many headlines, any evidence of authenticity is reassuring.

"Octavian's largest collector has opted to move its collection from cardboard to wood casing. We expect many customers to follow suit and have a wide range of wooden carton options available accommodating different bottle capacities," says Andrew.

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